Jimmy John’s Sued for “Freaky Fast” Delivery Driver

Confidential Settlement on behalf of two injured parties when a Jimmy John’s delivery driver rear-ended the injured parties’ vehicle while attempting to perform a “Freaky Fast” delivery. The case settled favorably to all plaintiffs after several years of litigation.

Portillo’s Hot Dog’s and Chicago Police Department Sued for Off-Duty CPD Officer/ Portillo’s Security Guard’s Brutal Beating of a Portillo’s Patron

Confidential settlement obtained on behalf of a male patron who was repeatedly punched in the face by an off-duty Chicago Police Department Officer that was using his handcuffs as “brass knuckles.” This case resulted in a confidential settlement after several years of litigation.

Casino Bus Rolls Over in Arkansas Killing and Injuring Several

Confidential Settlement on behalf of an Estate and two other severely injured persons when a bus carrying several passengers rolled over, killing several individuals and severely injuring others. The bus was carrying the passengers to casinos as part of a special offer made by the gaming establishments.

Police Chase Kills Single Mother of Two Young Girls

Filed complaint on behalf of an Estate for wrongful death after a high-speed chase ended with a car striking the vehicle in which victim was a passenger and was killed on impact. The deceased was survived by her two young daughters A Chicago police officer instituted the illegal chase in Chicago over minor traffic violations which continued into an adjacent suburb. This case resulted in a confidential settlement after several years of litigation.

Marengo Cops Sued for Beating Teenagers in Multiple Occurrences

Filed an 80-page, multiple count lawsuit against officers Scott Crawford and Kelly Givens and the City of Marengo seeking damages for five teenagers and one young adult for various violations of their civil rights. Most occurrences involve physical assaulted of the victims after arrest and handcuffing. Two of the plaintiffs filed false arrest and malicious prosecution charges after being arrested and beaten without cause in front of several witnesses. Crawford was previously terminated by the Waukegan Police Department after being seen on video tape beating a handcuffed victim in the back of his squad car. Just prior to their termination hearings, both Crawford and Givens resigned as Marengo police officers. The case settled favorably to all plaintiffs.

Hostess Plant Shutdown for Illegally Removing Asbestos from Twinkie Production Room

Representing several employees who were required to remove asbestos from the Schiller Park, Illinois Hostess plant’s production room, without any type of protective gear, subjecting them to possible lethal exposure. After complaining to supervisors about the dangerous conditions, one employee called the Office of Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), effectively blowing the whistle on Hostess. OSHA immediately shut down the plant for several days pending an investigation. Samples from the site tested positive for a deadly type of asbestos known for causing mesothelioma, an incurable form of lung cancer.