The following outlines recent results achieved on behalf of our clients:

$5.5 MILLION Settlement for a Florida businessman who was denied coverage from his employer’s insurance company after he caused a wrongful death due to a traffic collision. The insurance company denied plaintiff was in the scope of his employment at approximately 1:30 am after a night of entertaining the decedent who was a potential client.

$3.5 MILLION Settlement through mediation for a motorcyclist who sustained a brain injury after being struck by a telephone company van being operated by one of their repair men; case was successfully settled through mediation just prior to the trial.

$10.0 MILLION Judgement for the estate of an elderly woman after her automobile was struck by a drunk driver; victim survived for one month after the occurrence but eventually succumbed to her severe injuries.

$1.8 MILLION Settlement for the Estate of a 52-year-old male who was a victim of a tour bus that rolled over causing several deaths and injuries.

$1.275 MILLION Settlement for sheet metal worker who sustained a closed head injury; plaintiff has a permanent disability as a result of the injuries.

$1.175 MILLION Settlement for three victims of a catastrophic casino tour bus that rolled over; accident caused in several deaths and injuries.

$1.250 MILLION Settlement (Policy Limits) for a Florida bicyclist who sustained a fractured neck when struck by a trailer pulled by a landscaping truck; plaintiff was required to undergo neck surgery and has a permanent disability.

$1 MILLION Settlement after a week of trial for a 20-month-old child who was burned following a fall into hot charcoals that was negligently discarded by multiple off-duty Chicago Police officers; scars required skin grafts.

$1.11 MILLION Settlement for worker who fell through a rotted, second story deck of a restaurant; plaintiff required spine surgery and was unable to return to his occupation.

$980 Thousand Settlement for a laborer’s case where a strap on a parcel of cinder broke off and fell on him; the worker’s compensation lien was waived by the employer.

$901 Thousand Jury Verdict for a woman whose ex-husband intentionally broke her nose; jury sent back a substantial award including hundreds of thousands of dollars in punitive damages.

$900 THOUSAND Settlement for a 21-year-old male who was killed as a passenger in a car that was fleeing from the police.

$630 Thousand Settlement for a man who sustained eye injuries when a rock was ejected from a lawnmower and through his windshield; suit included the lawnmower manufacturer and Illinois Dept. of Transportation.

$500 Thousand Settlement for man who sustained shoulder injury when struck in a chain reaction, rear-end collision caused by a semi-tractor trailer driver who failed to brake; plaintiff was unable to return to return to work and his workers compensation case was also settled for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

$475 THOUSAND (Policy Limits) settlement for the family of a 2 year who drowned after escaping through a defective railing on a porch and entering a nearby lake.

“My only son and business partner was killed in an automobile collision.  I was and am still devastated.  I was unable to run my business well due to depression and could not replace my son in the business.  I was told the insurance was very limited and there would be a very small recovery.  I hired Kevin E. O’Reilly and he investigated and fought to get a million dollar insurance policy and we were able to keep the business going.”