“The best defense is a good offense.”

Commercial litigation is a legal process arising from a business dispute. We specialize in aggressive strategies to get your cases resolved as efficiently and favorably as possible.  By making litigation a risky proposition for the other side, we have surprised many of our clients with just how favorable a result we are able obtain for them.

Disputes can arise from transactions with any type of business, from a small restaurant to a large corporation. While these matters are typically complex, our team of attorneys have settled and tried many commercial cases leading to a favorable verdict for our clients. We have handled commercial cases arising from many different types of business disputes, including those involving breach of contract, wrongful termination, real estate disputes, class action law-suits, intellectual property disputes, shareholder disputes, fraud and misrepresentation, interference with contracts, breaches of fiduciary duty, non-compete agreements, insurance coverage, buy-sell agreements, and financing agreements.

Here are some recent examples of the results our philosophy of aggressive litigation has achieved for our commercial clients:

  • Successfully defended a top-25 largest bank in the world from nine-figure fraud claims brought against it by the owner of a major sports franchise in a highly complex case spanning over a decade.
  • Won a seven figure insurance coverage dispute on behalf of a printing industry executive.
  • Successfully Defended a banking executive from eight figure breach of fiduciary duty and fraud claims.
  • Saved a top-ten largest hotel brand over three million dollars in a dispute with its general contractor by going on the offensive and heading off fraudulent claims.
  • Defeated a nine figure suit against a Banking executive for fraud and breach of fiduciary duty.
  • Successfully defended the Chief Executive Officer of a top 5 accounting firm against a civil suit for fraud and breach of fiduciary duty in a tax fraud case.
  • Defended a diamond dealer against civil suits by six plaintiffs and an investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission in a complex corporate monitor case.
  • Successfully defended a general contractor from claims of faulty work by a customer at trial, then subsequently won an appeal upholding that result.
  • Settled an insurance industry executive’s dispute with a former employer of a non-compete agreement which allowed the executive to continue working in his field.

Secured a six figure confidential settlement for a sales executive in a dispute over commission payments. These types of disputes take up a large part of our caseload. Contracts and agreements are entered into daily, and contract disputes are sometimes unavoidable. Unfortunately, such business disputes could expose you to costly liability. This litigation often moves quickly and may include requests for immediate relief, such as a temporary restraining order, temporary or preliminary injunctions, expedited discovery, or other pre-judgment remedies. It is vital to obtain counsel as quickly as possible if you have been involved in such a dispute.

If you are involved in a dispute with a business or one arising from a contract, or have been accused of breach of contract or a similar commercial claim, contact the Law Offices of Kevin E. O’Reilly today to discuss your options.

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