As a former Prosecutor for the Cook County State’s Attorney, Kevin O’Reilly has experience defending several noteworthy criminal cases. Our firm represents both white collar and blue-collar defendants, and handles a wide variety of cases, from traffic or DUI claims to serious felonies. As an experienced and respected criminal defense trial attorney, Kevin O’Reilly and our team of attorneys achieve very favorable results for our represented clients.

Recent Results

  • NOT GUILTY: Tax Fraud

A Banking executive was convicted of tax fraud for his role in certain tax shelter transactions.  After engaging our firm, his conviction was overturned on appeal and a new trial was held.  At that trial he was found not guilty on all counts.

  • NOT GUILTY: Class X Felony-Manufacture and Delivery of Cannabis

A 35-year-old Chicago man was charged with possession of over 8,000 grams of cannabis and more than 195 cannabis plants in a near west side warehouse used for growing the plants. After the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) chose not to prosecute the case proceeded to trial in Cook County, Illinois wherein the judge found the lab reports had technical inaccuracies resulting in a favorable dismissal of all counts of the indictment.

  • NOT GUILTY: Felony Battery to a Police Officer-Defendant Sues and Wins a Six Figure Settlement

A 21-year-old man was charged in Kankakee with battery to a police officer following a public fight that broke out in the audience of Kaos, a popular mixed martial arts venue. The Defense claimed the Kankakee police falsely charged defendant knowing he did not strike any officers and it was learned the officers were covering up their brutal beating of the defendant. A jury returned a verdict for the defendant in 17 minutes. The defendant later sued Kankakee and Kaos resulting in a favorable six figure settlement for the defendant.

  • DISMISSED: Class X Felony-Manufacture and Delivery of Cannabis

A 19-year-old man was charged with possession of 20 pounds of cannabis after Chicago police searched his trunk. At a motion hearing to quash the arrest, a Cook County judge found the officers did not have probable cause to search the defendant’s trunk resulting in a favorable dismissal of all counts of the indictment.

  • NOT GUILTY: Felony DUI Number Five

A 40-year-old man was charged with felony driving under the influence of alcohol for a fifth time in 11 years and was found not guilty. The judge’s favorable ruling was based upon lack of evidence at trial and a video of the traffic stop revealing defendant was not guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.


A man accused of defrauding investors of over sixty million dollars was facing a sentence of 20 years.  Our firm was able to secure a plea bargin which saw him sentenced to only seven years prison.

  • NOT GUILTY: Person Receives 60 Day Sentence from Judge Departing from Mandatory Minimum of 2 Years

A 65-year-old business owner was charged in the Northern District of Illinois with filing false tax returns for allegedly failing to report over $2 million in cash payments. After a hearing on a variance from the Federal Sentencing Guidelines calling for a sentence between two to three years the judge reduced the sentence to 60 days with no follow-up probation of mandatory supervised release requirements.

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