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Kevin E. O’Reilly has over 15 years experience with cases involving the death of an individual.  He has handled some of the largest cases of this type in Illinois, including several high profile and press cases.   


The Law Offices of Kevin E. O’Reilly represents workers who are killed or injured on construction sites due to the negligence of others, or the dangerous conditions of a worksite.  Construction cases have made up a substantial portion of our case load.


We represent numerous cases involving the negligence of trucking and bus transportation companies.  Several of the trucking cases have reached record high resolutions in Illinois.


Although many attorneys refuse to accept motorcycle cases, or give them a low priority, The Law Offices of Kevin E. O’Reilly fights vigorously for fair recoveries on behalf of motorcyclists.  O’Reilly handles more motorcycle cases than any other attorney in the state, and holds some of the largest settlements for injured motorcyclists. 


We represent individuals involved in automobile collisions due to the negligence of other drivers, including pedestrian accidents and automobile passengers. 


We have several years of experience in handling complex cases against product manufacturers for defective product design, or the dangerous condition of products sold in the marketplace.  We spare no expense in hiring the best experts to prove the injured victims case.


The Law Offices of Kevin E. O’Reilly represents on-duty workers who are injured, regardless of the employer’s negligence under the Illinois Workers Compensation Act.  In concert with other lawyers, we assure workers receive fair and prompt benefits under the Workers Compensation Act.


We handle a few select cases involving the dangerous conditions of premises.  Such potential lawsuits are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.


We handle select medical negligence lawsuits on a case-by-case basis.  Generally, the case must have catastrophic injuries or death with near certain liability to acquire representation.


We represent a few select cases involving police brutality or improper police chases.  We have several of the most high profile case pending in the state of Illinois.


As a former Prosecutor for the Cook County State’s Attorney Kevin E. O’Reilly has the experience of handling several noteworthy criminal cases on the defense.  O’Reilly handles both white collar and blue collar defendants, including serious felonies.  As an experienced criminal defense trial attorney, O’Reilly has achieved very favorable results for his clients.


Kevin E. O’Reilly handles various commercial litigation or other civil cases through litigation and trial.  He has tried several commercial cases to verdict including breach of contract, fraud and other business disputes.


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