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The following outlines recent results achieved on behalf of our clients:

$1.175 MILLION Settlement for a 56 year old sheet metal worker who sustained a closed head injury when he fell from roof due to improper fall protection.  The plaintiff was required to undergo neck surgery and has a permanent disability as a result of the injuries.  The case settled just prior to trial. 

$1.3 MILLION settlement for three victims of a casino tour bus that rolled over causing several deaths and injuries.  A husband who suffered a broken leg and a wife who suffered a broken wrist both survived the catastrophic occurrence.

$980 THOUSAND Settlement for a 41 year old laborer who broke his leg when the strap on a 1000 lbs. parcel of cinder broke and fell on him.  In addition, a $400 Thousand workers compensation lien was waived by the employer.  The case was settled through mediation on the eve of jury trial. 


$3.5 MILLION Settlement for a motorcyclist who sustained a brain injury when he was struck by a telephone company van, operated by one of its repairman.  The plaintiff was a self-employed metal polisher whose business collapsed due his disabling injuries.  The case was successfully settled through mediation just prior to the trial. 

$1.25 MILLION (Policy Limits) for a Florida bicyclist who sustained a fractured neck when he was struck by a trailer, pulled by a landscaping truck.  The plaintiff was required to undergo neck surgery and has a permanent disability as a result of the injuries.  The case settled prior to the filing of a lawsuit.

$1 MILLION Settlement for a twenty month old child who was burned when she fell into hot coals, dumped by off-duty Chicago Police officers after a park picnic.  The child sustained burns on her feet and lower limbs, requiring skin grafts.  The case settled after a week of trial, despite the contention by the City of Chicago that they were not responsible for the off-duty police officers who discarded the coals. 

$10 MILLION Judgment for the estate of an elderly woman who sustained multiple internal injuries after her automobile was struck by a drunk driver.  The mother of two children, and grandmother of four, survived for a month after the occurrence, but eventually succumbed to the severe injuries.

$1.11 MILLION Judgment for a worker who injured his back when he fell through the rotted, second story deck of a restaurant.  The plaintiff required surgery on his spine and was unable to return to his occupation as a chimney worker.


$500 THOUSAND Settlement for a man who sustained a shoulder injury when he was struck in a motor vehicle collision, involving four trucks.  The chain reaction, rear-end collision was caused by a semi-tractor trailer that failed to brake for vehicles stopped in traffic.  The plaintiff was unable to return to work as a sign painter due to a partially torn rotator cuff in his shoulder.  The case settled after the testimony of the plaintiff’s physicians.  Additionally, the plaintiff’s workers compensation case settled for $150 thousand.


$901 THOUSAND Jury Verdict for a woman whose ex-husband intentionally broke her nose and caused her emotional distress.  Despite a vigorous denial by the husband, the jury sent back a substantial award including $600 thousand in punitive damages.

$630 THOUSAND Settlement for a man who sustained eye injuries when a rock was ejected from a lawnmower and through his windshield.  The lawnmower manufacturer and Illinois Dept of Transportation paid the settlement prior to trial.


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